General Info

Application Name
The name of the application.

Application Version
The version of the application.

Application Subpath
The subpath for the default installation path. If this field is left blank, the application name will be used instead.

Application Website
The website of the application.

Minimum Java Version Required
Specifies the minimum version of Java required to install the application. Values can be 1.2, 1.2.2, 1.4, etc. The test is a comparison against the java.version System property on the install machine.

JDK Required
Specifies wether a JDK is required for the software to be installed and executed. If not, then the user will be informed and given the option to still proceed with the installation process or not.

Write Install Log
Specifies if the file .installinformation should be written which includes the information about installed packs.

Uninstaller Name
Specifies the name of the uninstaller.

Path to Summary Logfile
Specifies the path for the logfile of the SummaryLoggerInstallerListener.

Web Install Directory
Specifies where the URL packages are retrieved from at install time. The content of the tag must be a properly formed URL.