In this section you can specify which panels you want. The panels will display in the order which they are shown here.

Hello Panel
For the hello panel, you have two choices. You can either choose HelloPanel or CheckedHelloPanel. Both of these panels will welcome the user, and will display the project name, version, URL, and the authors if they were specified when making the installer. The only different between the HelloPanel and the CheckedHelloPanel is that the CheckedHelloPanel scans the registry on Windows operating systems and determines whether the project is already installed. If it was already installed, the user of the installer will be given a choice whether to install a second version of it or not.

Info Panel
The only choice you have for the info panel is the InfoPanel. You can use this panel to display something like a readme. Text files and HTML files are supported.

License Panel
This panel will allow you to show the license agreement in order to use your program. The user must accept the license agreement to continue with the installation, otherwise the user will be blocked from continuing. Text files and HTML files are supported.

Packs Panel
The packs panel has three choices currently. More choices will be put in future updates. The current choices are PacksPanel, ImgPacksPanel, and TreePacksPanel.  The PacksPanel allows the user to see the packs specified in the packs section and gets to choose which ones to install. This is also done by the other two panels.  The ImgPacksPanel and TreePacksPanel do more than that. The ImgPacksPanel also shows a package snapshot (picture) of the pack. The TreePacksPanel allows you to also construct the packs in a tree like list, showing the hierarchy of the pack. The hierarchy of the pack can be specified in the parent field in the packs section.

Target Panel
The target panel has two choices. They are TargetPanel and DefaultTargetPanel.  The TargetPanel allows the user who is using the installer to choose the installation path. The default installation path for the target panel would be what you have specified in the packs section in PackJacket, but it can be changed. The DefaultTargetPanel doesn’t allow the user of the installer to change the installation directory, so the user is forced to install to the path which was specified in the pack section in PackJacket.

Install Panel
The install panel has only one choice which is Install Panel. This is the panel where the installation occurs. This panel is mandatory and is chosen by default.

Finish Panel
The finish panel has two choices. They are SimpleFinishPanel and FinishPanel.  The SimpleFinishPanel is a regular finish panel which allows you to exit the installation and displays whether the installation was completed successfully. It also displays where the uninstaller was created. The FinishPanel does the same thing as the SimpleFinishPanel, but it also allows the user of the installer to create an automated installation script.  The script can be used to do the same installation which was done right now, with the same options on another similar computer.