PackJacket is a GUI frontend to the IzPack project. It is built with Java Swing and creates an installer for your application. The installers created by this program are cross-platform and multi-language. You can use PackJacket to create installers to fit your needs.

Version 0.4.2 Released

Another bugfix version of Packjacket has been released. It fixes a bug that many people had where the calculated memory value was incorrect, so now it is tested before being used.

Version 0.4.1 Released

A quick new release of PackJacket has been released. It contains some new features, and a bug fixes:

  • Will only to save if changes have been made.
  • IzPack is run with 85% of total memory on the machine to reduce and most often eliminate OutOfMemoryErrors.
  • Blank email is no longer allowed to be submit.
  • No checkboxes in "Create Installer" window is allowed any longer.
  • You can drag a *.pjc file to PackJacket and it will read it.
  • QuickXport file was accidently left out of previous installer, it is included this time.

Version 0.4 Released

We just released the next version of PackJacket. The code has been completely rewritten for better efficiency and resource usage. Some new features have also been added:

  • Log files can now be uploaded.
  • Packs can be inserted from other PJC files.
  • Emphasis placed on separting mandatory and optional data, to provide a easier user interface.
  • Added some new IzPack features such as: executables, parsables, and log file directory.
  • Icon displays better on Windows 7 and docks on Mac OS X and Linux.

Site redesign

This site has been completely redesigning using a CSS template from NodeThirtyThree Design. The template has been slightly modified, adding things such as a rollover image for the menu tabs, and the search bar. Hope you like the new design!

Version 0.3 is out!

  • Fixed the issue people had with when they used the shortcut creation, PackJacket locks or freezes
  • Fixed bugs found during internal testing
  • Decreased the size of the EXE installing, using 7zip compression wholly
  • Progress bar to show progress of the creation of your installer in JAR or EXE format
  • Added menu items, which you can use to request features or report bugs
  • Save and open dialogs now remember the folder you were in last, and loads up in that folder
  • Position of where PackJacket is on your screen is remembered and loads it at that spot
  • Added support logs which you can upload with your bug report when you find a bug or problem with the program to help solve it faster
  • Added a file checking system to warn you if a file you specified to be in the installer does not exist
  • New logo, as you can see at the top of this page

Version 0.2 released!

Version 0.2 of PackJacket has been released. Many new minor features have been added to polish off your installer. The major feature added is a panel for user input and a panel to process external files. Documentation has been added and is available through the site and through the PackJacket application.

First version of PackJacket is live!

First version of PackJacket released, including many features needed for a basic installer for any application.